Winner Dutch Game Awards 2008

Final Fortress

Genre:    Action / Strategy      Release date:    July 2006
One of the first games developed by I Sioux Game Productions was the action/shooting game Final Fortress. Not bad at all, but became widely popular after the release of some of the other games developed after this one. Nonetheless the success of this game inspired the employees to go on developing more games like this. After 4 years the game can be found on the larger online portals and is still be played by a lot of mainly kids worldwide.

Final Fortress is a tactical defense shooter. The enemy is approaching our city and there is not much time left! In Final Fortress, you are in charge of the highly powerful WTDX 4224 cannon.You must use the WTDX 4244 to destroy the enemy, and you will have to do it quickly! You will be attacked from all sides!

Final Fortress is a fast thrilling action-packed strategy shooter game full of 3D modeled enemies, buildings and explosions. Earn cash to upgrade weapons along the way, as your enemies will become more difficult to beat after each level! This awesome game contains six different phases each containing 5 levels. The Mayhem version lets you create your own war ... Ready? Aim ... ... FIRE!

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