Winner Dutch Game Awards 2008


Genre:    Time management      Release date:    July 2007

I Sioux Game Productions released its first casual game in July 2007. The time management game, Kindergarten, was successful in its genre from the beginning. Parts of the game were even copied by the well-known international game developer Ubisoft with developing its own version of a Kindergarten game.  

Kindergarten is a colourful interactive management game, starring Mila the super sweet owner of the Kindergarten day nursery. The player has to help her out taking good care of all babies , which have been dropped off by their parents. By feeding, washing, lying them in bed and reaching their favourite toys, the player has to make sure, these babies stay satisfied and do not start crying.

Of course you just do not want to have your babies crying, but when you reach your daily goal this also means more income. When the babies are happy, their parents will be and they will tell others to bring their children to Kindergarten as well! With the extra money earned you can buy new products or hire more staff. This in turn makes it more easy for you and Mila to run your day nursery and you can take care of more babies.

When all goes well the player will be rewarded with a professional day care business, where all babies can have the best care in town! 

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