Winner Dutch Game Awards 2008

Rail of War

Genre:    Action / Strategy      Release date:    Januari 2007
After some first tries in the online gaming, I Sioux Game Productions released its first real successful online game in March 2007. The strategy/action game, Rail of War was successful in its genre and was picked up by some large online portals. After three and a half years and lots of changes in the online gaming industry, the game is still played by lots of online gamers.

In the game Rail of War each and every train has its specific speed guns price and load capacity. You will also get lots of train wagons and weapons like 3 slots wagon, 4 slots wagon, Rail Rockets, EMP, Bunker Buster Large & Huge Cannons and more.

In this game you have to eliminate enemies with the help of trains full of different kind of weapons. Enemies will try to capture your precious land & you have to defeat them at any cost. You will get dangerous rocketeer or the hard shooting Abraham’s tank. You will get 12 land enemies in total, bunkers rocket base and airfields that can launch 7 different planes and choppers. You have to supply troops and people with weapons and fuel to win war.

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