Winner Dutch Game Awards 2008

Red Cross: Emergency Response Unit (ERU)

Genre:    Simulation      Release date:    Juli 2008
The Red Cross Game: Emergency Response Unit (ERU) is a strategy title where players manage relief efforts and race against the clock to try to help those in need. Created to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the Dutch Red Cross, the game was developed by I Sioux Game Productions with the cooperation of Red Cross specialists to provide a highly realistic simulation of relief efforts.

In The Red Cross Game: Emergency Response Unit, players manage a Red Cross base camp. While deployed to numerous disaster zones, it’s up to the player to establish and grow a successful Red Cross base camp.  Assess critical situations and make tough decisions on how to allocate resources in order to save lives.  Players must distribute supplies, treat the sick, set up temporary shelters, clean up debris, coordinate with local authorities and fly rescue missions.  ERU provides hours of challenging game play rewarded all in the name of goodwill.

This game was rewarded with a ‘Special Jury Award’ at the Dutch Game Awards 2008. According to the jury, there were a lot of contributions with a social theme, but the online game Red Cross: Red Cross: Emergency Response earned the individual honor for its strong branding, popularity among players and overall contribution to an important social theme of disaster relief and saving lives.

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