Winner Dutch Game Awards 2008

Youda Fisherman

Genre:    Time Management      Release date:    August 2011

Help a stranger rebuild his fishing company.

Are you ready to prove you are the worthy hero praised in adventure books? Are you ready to maintain your universal fame as an invincible pirate buster?

The stories for your fearless deeds have travelled around the world with lightning speed. You have become the hero for many hopeless strangers in need of help. It was only a matter of time until some of them will come to you asking for help.

Accept this offer for adventure from the Mad Scientist that couldn’t prevent the destruction of his company. Help the stranger face the fears you have once battled and unite with him in your latest quest for fame. Learn trading techniques, discover new markets around the world and become the ruler of the open seas. Use the inventions of the Scientist to gain incredible powers. Own your fleet of ships and command them by managing your harbor resources. Rebuild the stranger’s company to grow a trading empire like no other.

Travel around the world to test your skills and prove your versatility. Prepare your strategy to find the most efficient way to battle the many dangerous things lurking in the deep waters. Play this adventure and make your legend grow.

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