Winner Dutch Game Awards 2008


Since 2009 Youdagames has started to broaden its horizon with developing games for other platforms more than online and pc downloadable.

In December 2009, Youdagames released its first game, the very successful casual poker game Governor of Poker on iPhone and iPod Touch.

For 2010 a couple of iPhone game releases are planned.

Governor of Poker

Following the huge success of the casual downloadable and online version of Governor of Poker, Youdagames decided to bring this success to the iPhone. Governor of Poker is the first casual poker game, where you do not play for real money. Nevertheless this game is at least as addictive as non casual poker games.

The iPhone version of the game was launched in the beginning of December and is doing very well in the rankings of the Card & Board Game categories worldwide. In several countries the game reached the Top 10 of game apps in the iPhone App Stores.

"With the release of Governor of Poker on iPhone en iPod Touch we have made a next big step in broadening our reach in the casual games market. With the huge successes we have had already with the online and download version of the game and the well-known Youdagames brand we have build in the last couple of years, we are convinced also this version of the game will be a big success and makes it possible to reach even more people with our quality casual games”, says Jurriaan van Teunenbroek, COO at Youdagames.

Governor of Poker for iPhone and iPod Touch is available for $4.99 in the iTunes App Store. A free demo version the game Governor of Poker Lite is also available here. To check out the game go here: 


Nintendo DS

Genre: Card & Board     Release date: juni 2008

At this moment I Sioux Game Productions is working on its first Nintendo DS title . Youda Farmer, released in January 2009 for PC, is being remade to give all Nintendo DS players a great new farm game experience on their handhold.

Youda Farmer for Nintendo DS is expected in August 2010!


Since 2009 several of the successful games of Youdagames can be found in stores around the world. Youdagames signed exclusive contracts with local retail distributors in the US, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France and the Benelux. Also Russia and Poland will be added to the list soon.

Until last year, Youdagames has mainly been focusing on distributing their games online on game portals worldwide. To reach a larger target group, the company decided to work with worldwide retail distributors to get their successful games into retail in several countries as well.  

In the Benelux the following games can be found in stores: Youda Legend I and II available in:  MediaMarkt, AKO, Bart Smit, Free Record Shop

In Germany, Switzerland and Austria the following games can be found in Media Markt, Saturn, Kaufhof, Kaufland, Real and Müller Drugstores: Governor of Poker, Youda Farmer, Youda Marina, Youda Legend I and II, Youda Sushi Chef, Youda Camper and soon also Youda Safari.

In the UK Youda Legend I and II can be bought in stores like Morrisons, GAME and Dixons stores. Youda Farmer and soon to be released Youda Safari will be in stores in the UK soon as well.

In France the following games can be found in stores: Youda Legend I and II, Youda Farmer and soon also Youda Safari.

In the US you can find a Youda Variety Pack, including Governor of Poker, Youda Farmer, Youda Legend and Youda Marina, in Target, Best Buy, Fry’s Electronics, Fred Meyerand several smaller US chains.