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How do I become a Youda Affiliate?

Youdagames is a fast-growing international game site who has its own game development team. We sell our games through our own site, and with the help of others like yourself!

All of the games produced by Youdagames can only be found in our Youda Online Shop and the online shops of our partners. Our games are proven bestsellers and our game development team is continuously working on new games!

Our Youda Affiliate Program is absolutely free, gives you free site content and is constantly updated with new and exceptional games! Becoming an affiliate means getting the opportunity to gain profitable revenue share.

What are you waiting for?

  • No initial costs - or any other costs - whatsoever!
  • You can JUST get the games for your website - so no banners and buttons!
  •  Our games are great content, which will increase traffic to your site and allow you to gain profitable revenue share!
  •  We add at least 3 new games a week in the program, so you will have plenty of NEW content for your site.
  • We pay high commissions! You receive 30% of the selling price for every full-version game sold!
Becoming a Youda Affiliate is quick and easy! All you have to do is follow 3 simple steps.

To become a Youda Affiliate you need to create an account with Plimus. To go to Plimus click here.
When you already have an account, please accept this invitation.

Game distribution, ...done right!

Besides our own portal, Youdagames has its own growing network of affiliates distributing our games. At the moment we are selling over 500 games through a network of over 750 affiliates.

The success of Youdagames cannot be without its quality content and distribution partners worldwide. That’s why we always are looking for more partners to become part of our network!

If you want to fully benefit from our wide spread network we advise you to provide us with an online demo of your game. An online demo increases the conversion dramatically.

Every week we launch three downloadgames, which we will promote on our website, in our newsletter and on Facebook. These games are automatically available for our affiliates.

Our network consists of more than 750 websites with a combined worldwide reach of over 75 million unique visitors a month!

Are you a game developer? Do you want your game to be played by millions of people? Do you think your games should be launched on Youdagames?

Please contact:
Rogier de Graaf
Marketing & Sales